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Where do you stand on the Greatest Movie Series of all time?

There is always that one movie that we ask why they made a second, or third, or more. Sometimes it’s best to just leave it to one movie, don’t make it a series; however, in some cases, movie series can be the best movies. Strong examples of successful movie series are: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, the Bourne series, and my personal favorite, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. What makes the Dark Knight the best series? In my opinion, the fact that it is Batman, makes it excellent just because of the story. My favorite parts of the series were the strong casting of the Villains in all 3 movies. Cillian Murphy, Heath Ledger, Liam Neeson, and Tom Hardy all excel at being phenomenal villains that bring the fear to the audience’s hearts. Everyone knows who Heath Ledger was in the series, The Joker. But for those of you who don’t know, Murphy, played scarecrow, Neeson played ra’s al ghul, and Hardy played Bane. I think The Joker and Bane were tremendous villains. The mystery behind the Joker and the fear Bane brought was incredible. So many of the best quotes from the movie are from these two characters. In my opinion, “And here, we, go!” And “I wonder what would break first, your spirit, or your body!” Are the best quotes, respectively. But what makes this series beat all other series? Will first, society loves a hero. We all have someone we call our hero. You can’t call Luke Skywalker or Frodo Baggins a hero you can look up too. Bruce Wayne, you can. He defends what he loves, even if people reject him for it. Plus the fact that the series is actually realistic. There isn’t an intergalactic war going on or a quest to destroy a ring to save the world. The events in the Dark Knight can actually occur. While Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are great movies, the Dark Knight blows them out of the water. The action, the drama, the relationships between characters, the morales of the story are all far greater in the Dark Knight. Now, which of the three can I say is my favorite? While I have seen The Dark Knight, dozens of times, and can recite the Joker’s lines word for word. My favorite is the Dark Knight Rises. For three reasons. The morale of getting up and fighting, even when all hope is lost, really hits home with me personally. And secondly, when Batman flew off with the Atom Bomb to save his city and millions of lives that have shunned him for Dent’s murder. The fact Batman would still give his life to save the people the didnt like him is very admirable. Lastly, the struggle he has with his past in the third one, I can relate to. Wayne, while in hiding for eight years, and while in the pit, fought to come to terms with Rachel’s death and the fear of letting everyone down. The only thing I didn’t like about the series was how Nolan claims he won’t make a fourth movie. The end of the third is such a cliff hanger, he has to make a fourth. Bring Freeze, Penguin, or Ivy into the story, or a controversial villain, bring back the Joker. It would be nearly impossible to match Ledgers performance but you can really make a good story with the joker back. That is my goal, I think I’m going to write a fan fiction sequel to Nolan’s series. That will be my next book, obviously it will take a long time, but I am going to do it!

The Greatest Rapper Today

The rap industry today is commonly affiliated with songs about drugs, sex, money, gangs, and other meaningless messages that give listeners a false view of a rapper’s life. The best rap is the one that sends a true message; a song about struggle, love, recovery, rights, and other “real life” issues. That is what makes Seattle native rapper Ben Haggerty “Macklemore”, the best rapper today. Macklemore’s music about his personal struggle and recovery from alcohol addiction, his relationship with his home town of Seattle, his message to today’s youth of being an individual and not following the false idolization of other rappers, and his defense of rights such gay-marriage, make him stand out from his peers.

Macklemore is different than other rappers today because of his message in most of his songs. His most popular songs are Otherside and Same-Love. Same-love is about his view of gay-rights. His anti-homophobic stance has gotten him media attention all over the country; he recently performed the song on the Ellen Degeneres show. After the performance, an emotional, crying Ellen embraced Macklemore with a hug on stage. Macklemore standing up for his beliefs through his music makes him a true icon. Macklemore released his first album in the year 2000. Since then he’s had four other albums. Macklemore is known for his critically acclaimed song Otherside. In 2009 with music producer Ryan Lewis he recorded it and it was released on the mixtape The V EP. In his song Otherside, Macklemore raps about his personal struggle with substance abuse. Macklemore suffered from substance abuse for many years in his early 20’s. He became sober on August 10th 2008. However, he relapsed and is now again sober.

Macklemore is also different for his relationship to his hometown. He was born in Seattle and has lived there his whole life. He has a song dedicated to Seattle called The Town, where in one line of the song, His fans in Seattle might say really defines his roots to the city. “The skyline is etched in my veins, you can never put that out, no matter how hard it rains.” His ability to relate to his fans in his hometown makes him stand out from other rappers. He also has a tribute to the long time late Seattle Mariners broadcast announcer, Dave Neihaus, the song is called My Oh My, a line made famous by Neihaus. Macklemore preformed the song with Ryan Lewis in front of over forty-eight thousand fans at Safeco Field following Neihaus’s death. His tribute to a Seattle icon that he looked up too was a heart-warming gesture to Neihaus’ legacy as well as a coping mechanism for the fans of Neihaus who lost an idol.

When you think of rap artists today you think of Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Mac Miller, Jay-Z, etc. the majority of these artists music have some kind of reference to drugs, alcohol, partying, cars, gangs, cash, and women. Does Macklemore have music about some of these themes? Yes, songs like And We Danced, Gold, and Thrift Shop, have references to partying, alcohol, money, and women, however, the number of songs Macklemore has about those references is minuscule to the number of songs Lil Wayne has. The majority of Lil Wayne’s music is about gangs, money, drugs, and “hoes”. The irony of Thrift Shop is he’s actually critiquing the fools who waste their money on “$50 for a t-shirt.” So at the same time of rapping about money and partying, he is still critiquing the problem with today’s society, being people feeling the need to own expensive stuff to be cool.

Macklemore also stands out for his music about the youth listening to rap music today. In the song Make the Money, he says “If I did it for the money, I’d have been a fuckin’ lawyer!” Expressing his desire to be a rapper isn’t about the money, he does it to send a message. In the song I Said Hey, the lines, “If you got a pen in your hand, put your heart down.” And “just remember there is a kid at the bus stop beat boxin’ whose life will be affected by what’s inside of his Walkman.” These lines sound like they’re targeted towards the mainstream rappers who have a negative influence on the youth. Where other rappers rap about how great their life is and how if kids do what they do, their life will be the same.

Macklemore is the alpha male of rappers today because of the messages in his music relate to the public far better than other rappers. We listen to music for a strong sense of emotion. Music is a way we can relate to each other. Music is an art form and Macklemore exceeds the art of his peers. He’s not about money and success, his goal is to reach out to his fans, unlike fellow rappers, which is clearly portrayed in the end of the song Jimmy Lovine. If you were to ask one hundred fans of rap music, who their all-time favorite rapper was, the majority of them would say Tupac Shakur. Tupac’s style is a lot like Macklemore’s. Tupac and Macklemore both related to the fans and were idolized because of it. These artists touch the hearts of their fans. They are true rap icons. This is why Macklemore is the best rapper today, and he’s only getting started.


We all wished for superpowers as a kid, most, like myself, ran around like we did. I always wished I had claws like wolverine. Nothing could hurt him. That’d be awesome. Most people wish they could fly, how boring. Ya you’d travel faster but that’s not all that resourceful. If I could have a superpower, wish I could know everything, and read minds. Can you imagine what one could do with the knowledge of everything? I would know everything about the past, present, and future. That’d be awesome. I’d know what you’re thinking and what you’re about to do. Now the question is, if you had your desired power, what you use them for good, or for evil?
If I had infinite knowledge and telekinesis, I’d probably use them to become vastly successful, and powerful. I honestly think I would be evil, I’d let the power go to my head. But I could definitely use that power for good, but what fun is that? Haha. I really want to know what your superpower wold be, leave a comment. Let me know what it is, and what you’d use it for.

Peanut Butta!

Did you know November is peanut butter month? I wasn’t aware of this until a friend told me today, as i was eating a peanut butter cookie. Got me thinking, one, why is there a month dedicated to peanut butter? Two, who is the genius that is honoring the greatness of peanut butter? I feel so sorry for those who are allergic to peanuts. Its so amazing. Im not currently eating nutter butters. Thanking George Washington Carver for inventing this wonderful food. I’d like to know your opinion of this wonderful food, crunchy or creamy? If you are allergic, i again, give my deepest sympathy to you and your taste buds.

Ignorance is bliss? Ignorance is hell.

Ignorance is bliss? Hell no! Ignorance is the root of all evil. Ignorance is what causes racism, and prejudice. We fear what we don’t know. The world judges others based on stereo types. They dont know the truth. You hear that a store gets robbed at gun point. Honestly, what is the skin color of the robber? If you said anything but black you’re a liar. We subconsciously make assumptions due to the stereo types that are cemented in our minds.

Americas darkest hour was slavery. We treated slaves like inhuman dogs. Did we think they weren’t just like us? Were we that ignorant? We all have a heart. Some just don’t use theirs. It took until the 1960’s for desegregation. I find that absolutely sickening. How could anyone think they’re better than someone else? Were we that narcissistic? Every human in the world deserves the same rights as the next. Are we blessed with different privileges? Yes, sadly yes. Some people don’t have the basic necessities of life; like water, food, shelter. America was founded on others helping others. That is gone. We can walk right past a homeless man without even batting an eye. We as a society are selfish. We don’t comprehend the pain others are in; and how simple it is to help.

Just like my last post about gay rights. What makes them any different then you? Because they like the same sex? Big deal? Other then that they are no different. They’re human, in that matter they’re the same as you and me. But all humans are different, but we can’t seem to accept differences. If we were able to just accept each others differences imagine what the world would look like.

We will think of blacks as criminals. We think of asians as communists. We think of africans as dirty and poor. We think of whites as rude and selfish. Are all black criminals? Hell no. Are all asians communist? Hell no. Are all africans dirty and poor? Hell no. Are all whites rude and selfish? Hell no. We are prejudice. Am i any different? No. Everyone is. We all are somewhat racist or prejudice. If you think you’re not, You’re delusional.

I remember in high school when you couldn’t walk through a hall way without hearing some ignorant statement made towards someone else. If we could just open our hearts and mind, we as a world would be so much better off. But we cant seem to give what is so easy to give, acceptance. Accept the fact that we’re all the same, no matter the differences, were all human.

We cant accept others religions, their cultures, their traditions, or their customs. Why? Just because they’re not the same as yours? I don’t understand. When did you become the alpha of the human race? When did you become the bearer of all human knowledge? No one knows everything. Break down the cultural barrier. Go out and experience the differences of others. Make a friend who is different than you. Help a fellow human in need.

Ignorance will never be eliminated, but it can be reduced, if we just experience others differences.

Is college worth it?

I hear a lot of people around campus that complain that they’re wasting their time here. Is college a waste of time? Can you get a job without a degree? Look at those famous college dropouts that made success with their life.
James Cameron
Bill Gates
George Clooney
Tom Hanks
Mark Zuckerburg
Steve Jobs
Sandra Bullock
Granted these people are founders of major corporations and actors and directors. But it proves that you don’t need a college degree to be successful. But would you be better off with a college degree? In my opinion, absolutely, you’ll be hired before someone who doesn’t have one. The price of getting degrees are crazy expensive but the quality of jobs available for you are much greater. In my case, without a degree I can’t be a teacher, that what I want to do. My back up plans require degrees as well. So, regardless, if I want a career in a field of interest, then I need a degree. If you want to be an electrician, who do make good money, you don’t need a degree. I guess it just depends on what you want to do with your life. One thing that college gives you besides a degree is the experience. You experience all sorts of different kinds of people. You experience all sorts of things that only college can provide. In my opinion, college is worth it.

Advise from the Wise

What is the best piece of advice I’ve been given? That’s hard. There’s a couple I can’t really distinguish as the best. One of them is to be myself, cliché but I guess if you’re not yourself, who are you? Everyone is unique. Do we want what others have? Sure, but work for it. Don’t try to be someone else to get what you want. The quickest way to success is the path of individuality. Another piece of advice is that “hard work is work worth doing.” I’m an American, I believe in hard work. Working hard is the easiest way to succeed. Don’t go halfass in anything; a job, school, relationship. My parents, grandparents, friends are who have guided me to who I am, without them, I would be lost. Thank you to all of you.

Equality, who are you to judge?

A song that’s been rising up the charts is Seattle rapper Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s same love. A song about gay marriage. Now, while one part of the song that I take offense to, being that right wing conservative are against it. I’m conservative, but I vote bipartisan. The song is beautiful and really speaks to society. Ellen had Macklemore preform it on her show, receiving a standing ovation. Ellen loved it, not just because she is a lesbian woman but because she sees a straight man standing up for equality for the gay society. Who are you to decide who has the right to the pursuit of happiness? While I am as straight as can be, I have gay friends and lesbian friends. They’re no different but they are attracted to different people that most people of their gender are. Does it weird me out a little when I see PDA? Yeah, of course, its different, it’s unexpected. That’s what “weird” is, the unexpected and unusual. What I really don’t understand, is how people find it so hard to accept people who are different, but who really aren’t that different. They need the same things to live, they are entertained by the same movies, tv shows, music, they want what we all want, to be accepted. Everyone has been rejected in our lives, we all know how it feels, but with you not accepting them, they feel that every day. Miserable. Accept people for exactly what they are, just the same as you, a person.

The danger of Football.

The danger of football is known by everyone who knows what the game is. The heavy hitting sport of brutal physical contact is the most feared game by parents who sign their kids up for sports. With all of the careers ended with concussions, and knee injuries. The time missed in promising careers due to injuries is tragic. Take Detroit Lions RB Jahvid Best, a promising, and talented young player who hasn’t played a game in over a year due to concussions. A lot of talk about his career being over. It’s sad that one hit, just one, can take away all your talent, your potential, or your future. This past Saturday South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore suffered a horrific knee injury that was just gruesome to watch. He vows to return to football, he was projected top 5 pick in next years NFL draft. This young man’s career may be over. Some players return from terrible injuries, like Adrian Peterson, who suffered an ACL And MCL injury and returned for week 1 this season, much sooner than expected. Most people have seen The Blind Side in the opening scene, Lawrence Taylor, LB of the NY Giants hit Redskins QB Joe Theismann. Destroying his knee, ending his career. Take former Rutgers player, Eric Legrand, who is paralyzed from the neck down after an injury on the field. Football is a brutal sport, for that reason my parents never let me play. My dad blew out both his knees playing football, and didnt want that for my brother nor myself. Even though soccer ended up blowing out my knees, I would have loved to play football. Would I let my sons play if I have sons? Yeah, I probably would, I believe the life lessons learned from the sport are rare, teamwork, a sense of family, the importance of exercise. Lives have been lost too soon, and shortened by the game, but is it worth playing? I can’t answer that, I never got to play. But as a extremely big fan of the sport, and one who fully understands the risks, I believe the game is worth it. Football players know the risk, they’re okay with it, they do what they love, no matter what the risk. Isn’t that what life is all about, to do what you love? To do what makes you happy? If you’re not happy with the life you’ve chose to live, then you’re not living.